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Rangehood Solutions


Advice is often the most requested commodity, of which Freelance Installations can offer, based on 29 years of experience in the kitchen, kitchen installation and rangehood supply & installation service.


Freelance Installations can help you to source the best rangehood for your individual kitchen application and after a site check we can supply you with the ideal hood for your purpose or install the rangehood of your choice.



As Parmco are kind enough to recommend Freelance Installations as their preferred Installer,

I offer you their catalogue to view, and will happily source for you should you choose from their range.




As airflow is the most important aspect regarding your rangehood installation, Freelance Installations

places a top priority on the correct ducting options possible to your situation. If the ducting is inadequate, the performance and noise level of your rangehood will be affected. In saying this though, some of the more difficult situations dictate the outcome regarding ducting in that it may necessitate a penetration through the roof or recirculation of the extracted cooking fumes.

In the case of a roof penetration, we engage the services of R & J Plumbing, a highly capable plumber whose services have proved both reliable and efficient.


Many installation situations require specialised ducting components. I have sourced, and in some instances, made customised parts to achieve adequate airflow. However for the main part, Freelance Installations carries standard ducting components suitable for most applications.



Freelance Installations is reputation driven and I feel it is important to get the installation of your cooker hood looking and working to its optimum performance.


I use blankets to protect your expensive worktop surface and flooring and ensure that I clean up after installation work is completed.


I feel it's the small things that make the difference between a good job and an excellent one.


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